Writing A Letter To Myself: A Healing Exercise.

I have a lineup of posts prepared for you. They are either about Self-Love or Instagram tips. Although, they usually do include an anecdote from me. They are pretty straight to the point in giving you the tips you came for.

Today I am practicing some self-compassion and self-care, and I know that journaling is a very effective way to accomplish that.

So this is where I let you know that this post is more for me than for anyone else. However, I am showing how you, too, can journal your way to healing.

Also, who am I to tell you to love yourself when I constantly shut out the sensitive, raw parts of myself and don’t allow myself to heal? Walking the walk here.

I’m about to get real with you.

I had a shitty weekend. Not because anything truly bad happened, but because I was in a bad headspace. I am still just with one foot out of that space, and that is exactly why I think this is the perfect time to come and bare it all with you.

Most people that know me have no idea that I dealt with constant anxiety and depression for most of my life. Thankfully, I can now say that I have more good days than bad days. I still have difficult days where life events or circumstances get the best of me, but thankfully they are far in between.

I have been doing a lot lately with my online business. I started doing things that I was fearful of doing, and that is a great accomplishment.

However, life keeps happening as it will. Also as expected, it keeps bringing me the life lessons I am ready to receive. They say a lesson will repeat itself until you learn it and are ready to move on to the next one.

Nothing could be truer.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get so sad when I feel disappointed in regards to something I love. It affects not only mood but it also hinders my progress. I simply can’t focus on anything constructive for long. I just stare, think, and nap on and off until I feel better.

I don’t know. Maybe that is your mind, body, and soul making you take a break from it all.

As a result, I sometimes slow down in my goals and duties, and then feel guilty and give myself a hard time for being…a human. Crazy! right?!

I would like to be able to hold my focus even when I am upset at something going on in my life, but maybe that is not the way it’s supposed to go. Seldom self-reflection happens when we’re in the midst of life and its demands. I need to be ok with that.

So instead of feeling like a total failure because of my “feels”, I decided I will write myself a letter. A letter in which I give myself the understanding, compassion, and kindness I was waiting to receive from an outside source.

Dear Ana,

Remember that everything in life is a process and that you are doing the best you can. It is impossible to go thru life without any hiccups, and it’s unhealthy to shield your heart from giving and receiving love in the hopes of avoiding heartache. Truth is…you will be let down. Reality is…you will be disappointed. Just as much as you will let down and disappoint others that love you. That is ok.

Remember to celebrate all your victories. Really there are no small or big wins. As the most transformational fires we call “big wins” are just the result of the consistent sparks you create every day.

Remember that you are not supposed to have all the answers. That would defeat the mere purpose of living.

Remember not to let your realized past goals become your present-day nightmares. You might be ready to move on, but savor the journey that brought you here and allowed you to evolve the way you have.

Know that you are light. Know that you are smart, essential, important and loved by many, even when you don’t feel it.

Go spread your light.

P.s: You do have the answers to what really matters. Just look within.

There is something absolutely renewing about journaling. Writing a letter to yourself allows speaking to your needs in a similar way you would speak to a friend you love.

I recommend you try it. Ask yourself: “what is it that I am waiting to receive from something or someone else?” then give yourself just that. You deserve it!

This might be my most vulnerable blog post yet. I plan to do more as I continue my Self-Love journey with you.

Know that in me you have a friend. I am only a message away. Are you facing difficult days lately? Is there anything I could help you with?






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