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How To Add Live Hashtags & User Handles To Your Instagram Bio…And Why You Should Use It…Pronto!

How to add live hashtags and usernames to your Instagram bio

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If you are an Instagram lover or avid user like me, you need to know the latest on our go-to app.

The Instagram bio just got a facelift! But no worries, this time the facelift actually looks good! Lol

Instagram is now allowing its users to add live hashtags and username handles within their bio!

You have always been able to add hashtag text to your bio, but those hashtags didn’t go anywhere because they were not clickable.

But now they are! See the how the hashtags in my Bio are now blue, indicating they live!

Include hashtags and usernames in your instagram bio

 Why Should We Care?

I have previously mentioned the importance if a well crafted Instagram bio. This new update makes that advice more important than ever before. Our Bios are one of the very first opportunities we get to tell our online tribe what we are about.

This update, aside from making our bio a bit more lively and interactive, will also allow us to build a community around our favorite hashtags!

This could be huge for engagement and to find new potential followers and peers on Instagram.

How Can We Benefit From These Live Hashtags and @usernames On Our Instagram Bios?

Think community!

If you still haven’t created your own branded hashtag, now might be a great time to do it. Include it in your bio to let people where you like to spend time when you’re on Instagram.

Remember how you can follow hashtags on Instagram? Well, let’s say you really like my content and what I post, so you go visit me on Instagram. When you see my own hashtag in my bio, wouldn’t you want to follow that hashtag so you don’t miss out on my posts? Exactly!

The same thing can happen to YOUR followers and your community!

This is also great for people who have more than one Instagram account. This new feature allows you to cross-promote @handles right from the Instagram bio. Again giving you another way to foster community!

So go revamp your Instagram bio and start engaging in pre-existing hashtag communities and/or create your own!

Did you know I have an Instagram support group on Facebook? If you would like to connect with other women in the digital space who are looking to grow, send me a message on Facebook and I will send you an invite!

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Ana Benzán

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